Albania - Details Editar

  • Gentílico: Albanês
  • Capital: Tirana
  • Cidade mais populosa: Tirana
  • Maiores cidades: Tirana, Durrës, Vlorë, Shkodër, Elbasan, Fier, Korçë
  • Língua oficial: Albanês
  • Independência: do Império Otomano em 28 de Novembro de 1912
  • Área: 28 748 km²
  • População: 7 845 955 hab.
  • Moeda: Lek (ALL)
  • Fuso horário: UTC+1 (CET)
  • Cód. ISO: ALB
  • Fronteiras: Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedónia do Norte, Macedónia, Épiro, Mar Jônico, Estreito de Otranto, Mar Adriático
  • Subdivisões: 10 condados
  • Organizações: ONU, FMI, OMC, OMT, OMS, UE, OTAN, OSCE (Organização para a Segurança e Cooperação na Europa), OCI (Org. Cooperacão do Islamismo), Acordo Schengen

Albania - Subdivisions Editar

Name Capital Area Population
Dibër County Peshkopi 2 586 km² 115 857 hab.
Durrës County Durrës 2 386 km² 823 397 hab.
Elbasan County Elbasan 3 199 km² 770 074 hab.
Fier County Fier 3 688 km² 651 892 hab.
Gjirokastër County Gjirokastër 2 884 km² 109 381 hab.
Korçë County Korçë 3 711 km² 704 831 hab.
Kukës County Kukës 2 374 km² 125 428 hab.
Shkodër County Shkodër 3 562 km² 700 007 hab.
Tirana County Tirana 1 652 km² 2 656 166 hab.
Vlorë County Vlorë 2 706 km² 1 188 922 hab.

Albania - Largest Cities Editar

Rank Name Province Population
--- Tirana-Durrës Metropolitan Area ----- 3,432,532
--- Vlorë - Fier Metropolitan Area ----- 1,164,981
1 Tirana Tirana County 2,557,422
2 Durrës Durrës County 775,110
3 Vlorë Vlorë County 630,827
4 Shkodër Shkodër County 585,612
5 Elbasan Elbasan County 541,714
6 Fier Fier County 420,655
7 Korçë Korçë County 375,994
8 Sarandë Vlorë County 270,227
9 Berat Fier County 165,453
10 Kukës Kukës County 97,985

Albania - Airports & AirlinesEditar

Airport Name IATA ICAO Hub for Located In
Tirana Nënë Teresa International Airport TIA LATI

Albania Airlines 


Albawings (low cost)

Rinas, Durrës County, Albania
Tirana - Çollak Civil Aerodrome ----- LAXC ----- Çollak, Tirana County, Albania
Kukës Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan International Airport KKS LAKU ----- Shtiqën, Kukës County, Albania
Vlorë - Fier International Airport VLR LAVL Albawings (low cost) Novoselë, Vlorë County, Albania
Sarandë International Airport SAA LASR Albania Airlines Finiq, Vlorë County, Albania
Korçë Regional Airport KOY LAKO ----- Lumalas, Korçë County, Albania
Shkodër Regional Airport SHK LASK ----- Shtoj, Shkodër County, Albania
Elbasan - Mollas Regional Airport EBS LAEB ----- Mollas, Elbasan County, Albania
Military Airfield Name ICAO Located In Notes
Tirana Military Base (Tirana Int'l Airport) LATI Rinas, Durrës County, Albania This military airbase is the hub for the Albanian AirForce.
Kuçovë Air Base LAKV Kuçovë, Berat County, Albania In 2002 this airbase was renovated by NATO with a new control tower, new lighting, and repaving.
Gjadër Airfield LAGJ Gjadër, Durrës County, Albania -----
Airline Name IATA Hubs Subsidiaries Alliance Fleet
Albania Airlines AL5 Tirana Nënë Teresa International Airport

Sarandë International Airport

Milano - Malpensa International Airport

AlbaCargo SkyEurope n/a
AlbaCargo ALB Tirana Nënë Teresa International Airport ----- World Cargo n/a
Albawings (low cost) 1AW Tirana Nënë Teresa International Airport

Vlorë - Fier International Airport

----- ----- n/a

Albania - Railways Editar

  • High Speed Rail

In 2100, RSTSL trains provide service on the following lines:


Connected cities/stations


Travel Time Top Speed Type of trains
RSTSL Southern Balkans Line (East Line) Tirana - Kukës - Kosovo 113km 0:31 250 to 300 km/h n/a
RSTSL Adriatic Line (West Line) Montenegro - Shkodër - Tirana Int'l Airport - Tirana - Durrës - Fier - Vlorë - Sarandë - Epirus 365km 1:50 200 to 300 km/h n/a

Albania - Major ProjectsEditar

Name Year Notes
Redefinition of Albanian Highways 2029 This project was conceived to build a new road network, building new ones, remodeling others and redefining the nomenclature of all roads. In total, 13 highways were designed in the country, and in 2099,17 were already built and with 2 major road projects: the Tirana Ring Road, which will start to be built in February 2100, and the Strait of Otranto International Bridge, designed in 2082 and with the beginning of the works planned for January 2084, but they have not yet started for financial and political reasons.
Skoda Durrës Car Plant 2037 The Skoda Durrës Car Plant is a car factory designed in 2032 and opened in 2037. At the beginning of the project, in 2032, the Czech brand Skoda spoke to the Albanian government and the mayor of Shkodër to start designing the factory near Shkodër, but in January 2033, the project was canceled due to conflicts with the land concessions, and in July 2033, at a meeting, it was decided that the works would begin in September of the same year next to the city of Durrës, 37km from the capital, Tirana.
New Port of Durrës 2048 -----
Visit Albania! 2055 The "Visit Albania!" project was developed to boost tourism in the country, to increase the importance of this sector of the economy in the country. This plan also resulted in an increase in cruises on the country.
Sarandë International Airport 2059 -----
Tirana Arena 2063 Tirana Arena is a football stadium in the Albanian capital, Tirana. Inaugurated in 2063 in the same place where the old Selman Stermasi Stadium was. With a capacity for 50,000 people, it is currently the home of the Albanian National Team, which was formerly at the Kombëtare Stadium, and serves as a venue for the main Albanian football and other non-sporting activities. It was built for UEFA Euro 2064, made by Albania and Kosovo.
UEFA Euro 2064 2064 The 2064 UEFA European Football Championship, commonly referred to as UEFA Euro 2064 or simply Euro 2064, was the 27th European Championship for men's national football teams organised by UEFA. The final tournament, held between 27 June and 20 July 2072, was co-hosted by Albania and Kosovo, and was won by France, who beat Bavaria 1-0 in the final at the Tirana Arena, Tirana, Albania.

The opening ceremony for this edition was held at the New Fadil Vokrri Stadium, in Pristina, Kosovo and built for the UEFA Euro 2064, replacing the old stadium with the same name. This stadium has a capacity of 40,000 people and at the opening ceremony it was completely full. The tournament semi-final was held at New Gjilan City Stadium in Gjilan, Kosovo, with a capacity for 30,000 people and also built to replace the old stadium with the same name. In total 10 stadiums were built and remodeled to host this tournament. In Albania, 7 stadiums were used, and in Kosovo, 3 stadiums.

Tirana Tirana Vlorë Shkodër Elbasan
Tirana Arena Kombëtare Stadium Flamurtari Stadium Loro Boriçi Stadium Elbasan Arena
Capacity: 50,000 Capacity: 35,000 Capacity: 30,000 Capacity: 27,000 Capacity: 25,000
Korçë Durrës Pristina Gjilan Mitrovica
Skenderbeu Stadium Niko Dovana Stadium Fadil Vokrri Stadium Gjilan City Stadium Riza Lushta Stadium
Capacity: 23,000 Capacity: 20,000 Capacity: 40,000 Capacity: 30,000 Capacity: 21,000
Ksamil Tourist Village Plan 2071 This neighborhood was designed to become a holiday home region, primarily designed for retired tourists from Northern Europe. The neighborhood has 2 zones, an area of high-wealth and high-luxury villas, with large and modern mansions overlooking the sea and the bay on the other side, and an area of medium-level villas for people with less purchasing power. . This project was very successful and in 2100, 77% of the houses built were occupied by retired people from Northern Europe, and 17% of the remaining 23% were occupied by people from Southern Europe and the North African region.
Strait of Otranto International Bridge 2082 The 'Strait of Otranto International Bridge' was a bridge designed to connect Albania to Puglia, namely Orikum, AL to Otranto, PU. In the project, the bridge will have 77km and would be originally concessioned by the two governments. Initially, work was planned to begin in January 2084, but did not begin due to financial problems. Further ahead, construction was planned for September 2088, but did not start due to Albanian owners who demonstrated for lack of promised payment in exchange for giving up their land, which would be used to build the connections for the bridge. In March 2094, Puglia decided to proceed with the construction of the necessary infrastructure to receive the future bridge, and in November 2095, Albania advanced to the beginning of the bridge works together with Puglia, but it did not last long. In June 2096, the company responsible for the construction of the bridge went bankrupt and forced the works to stop. Currently, in December 2099, the works are projected to resume in March 2100, and the opening to traffic is projected for January 5, 2105.
Albania High Speed Rail (RSTSL) 2090 -----

Albania - Highways Editar

Autoestrada Designação Trajeto Extensão
A1 Autoestrada Tirana - Durrës Tirana - A2 - Vaqarr - Ndroq - Pjezë - A3 - Rrashbull - Durrës - Arapaj - Shkallnur (A3) 44 km
A2 Autoestrada Central Shkodër (A10) - Barbullush - Rraboshtë - Lezhë - Shënkoll - A9 - Laç - Mamurras - Thumanë - A11 - Fushë-Krujë - A11 - Kamëz - Paskuqan - A3 - Tirana - A1 - Mullet - Krrabë - Bradashesh - A5 124 km
A3 Autoestrada Oeste Tirana (A2) - Kashar - A12 - Vorë - A11 - Maminas - A1 - Shkallnur - A1 - Golem - Kavajë - Gosë - A5 - Dushk - Lushnjë - A15 - Kolonjë - Mbrostar - Fier - Levan - A4 - Varibop - Fratar - Qesarat - Memaliaj - Tepelenë - Lekël - Picar - Gjirokastër - A13 - Zervat - Kakavia (Epirus border) 253 km
A4 Autoestrada Sudeste Levan (A3) - Novoselë - Vlorë-Fier Int'l Airport - Vlorë - Kaninë - Radhimë - Orikum - Dukat - Palasë - Vuno - Himarë - Borsh - Lukovë - Sarandë Int'l Airport - A13 - Sarandë - Kulluricë - Konispol (Epirus border) 182 km
A5 Autoestrada Este Gosë (A3) - Rrogozhinë - Pequin - A6 - Papër - A2 - Elbasan - Labinot-Fushë - Librazhd - Hotolisht - Qukës - Rrajcë - A16 - Lin - Udënisht - Pogradec - Pirg - Maliq - Korçë - Plasë - Bilisht (Macedonian border) 201 km
A6 Autoestrada Sudoeste Papër (A5) - Cërrik - Floq - Gramsh - Kodovjat - Moglicë - Lekas - Vithkuk - Mollas - Ersekë - Bomenj (future city) (Epirus border) 168 km
A7 Autoestrada dos Alpes Dináricos Mirditë (A9) - Rubik - Rrëshen - Reps - Klos - Thirrë - Kolsh - Kukës - A15 - Gjegjan - Morinë (Kosovo border) 105 km
A8 Autoestrada Norte Shkodër (A10) - Finiq - Shkodër Regional Airport - Dobër - Koplik - Bajzë - A17 - Brojë - Selcë - Vermosh (Montenegrin border) 96 km
A9 Autoestrada Nordeste Laç (A2) - Milot - Mirditë - A7 - Ulëz - Bushkash - Baz - Burrel - Klos - Bulqizë - Peladhi - Maqellarë - Bllatë (North Macedonian border) 113 km
A10 Autoestrada do Rio Drin Pukë - Kçirë - Gomsiqe - Vau i Dejës - Juban - A8 - Shkodër - A2 - Oblikë - Muriqan (Montenegrin border) 72 km
A11 Autoestrada Noroeste Vorë (A3) - Prezë - A12 - Breg-Shkozë - A2 11 km
A12 Autoestrada de Rinas A11 - Rinas - Tirana Int'l Airport - Bërxullë - A3 9,3 km
A13 Autoestrada de Sarandë A3 - Muzinë - Mesopotam - Finiq - Sarandë (A4) 27 km
A14 Autoestrada de Berat A3 - Fier-Shegan - Sheq - Poshnjë - Berat 40 km
A15 Autoestrada de Kukës Kukës (A7) - Kukës Int'l Airport 3,5 km
A16 Autoestrada da Fronteira Sul A5 - Qaf Thane (North Macedonian border) 3,1 km
A17 Autoestrada da Fronteira Norte A8 - Hani i Hotit (Montenegrin border) 1,6 km
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