Alaska - Details

  • Gentílico: Alaskiano
  • Capital: Fairbanks
  • Cidade mais populosa: Fairbanks
  • Maiores cidades: Fairbanks, Barrow, Nome, Kotzebue, North Pole, Delta Junction, Selawik
  • Língua oficial: Inglês, Inupiat e Yupik Siberiano Central
  • Independência: dos EUA em 01 de Janeiro de 2051
  • Área: 876 829 km²
  • População: 1 388 469 hab.
  • Moeda: Alaskian Dollar (AKD)
  • Fuso horário: UTC-10 (AKT) (Alaska Time)
  • Cód. ISO: AKA
  • Fronteiras: Alasca do Sul, Mar de Bering, Estreito de Bering, Chukotka, Mar de Chukchi, Oceano Ártico, Mar de Beaufort, Yukon
  • Subdivisões: 3 regions
  • Organizações: ONU, FMI, OMC, OMT, OMS, OEA, Espaço Americano, ODPA (Organização para o desenvolvimento dos Países Árticos)

Alaska - Subdivisions

Name Capital Area Population
Fairbanks Region Fairbanks 19 280 km² 521 849 hab.
Interior Region Delta Junction 474 967 km² 265 175 hab.
Coast Region Barrow 382 582 km² 601 445 hab.

Alaska - Largest Cities

Rank Name Province Population
1 Fairbanks Fairbanks Region 305,456
2 Barrow Coast Region
3 Nome Coast Region
4 Kotzebue Coast Region
5 North Pole Fairbanks Region
6 Delta Junction Interior Region
7 Selawik Coast Region
8 Prudhoe Bay Coast Region
9 Wales Coast Region
10 Galena Coast Region

Alaska - Airports & Airlines

Airport Name



Hub for

Located In
Fairbanks International Airport FAI PAFA Alaska Airways ArticJet (low cost) Fairbanks, Fairbanks Region, Alaska
Fairbanks - Fort Wainwright International Airport FFW PAFW Alaska Airways Bering Air

Alaska Cargo

Fort Wainwright, Fairbanks Region, Alaska
Fairbanks Civil Aerodrome ----- PAFB ----- Fairbanks, Fairbanks Region, Alaska
Barrow Wiley Post - Will Rogers International Airport BRW PABW Alaska Airways Barrow, Coast Region, Alaska
Prudhoe Bay - Deadhorse International Airport SCC PASC ArticJet (low cost) Deadhorse, Coast Region, Alaska
Galena Edward G. Pitka Sr. International Airport GAL PAGA ----- Galena, Coast Region, Alaska
Kotzebue Ralph Wien International Airport OTZ PAOZ ----- Kotzebue, Coast Region, Alaska
Nome International Airport OME PAOM Bering Air Nome, Coast Region, Alaska
Wales International Airport WAA PAWA Alaska Airways

Alaska Cargo

Wales, Coast Region, Alaska
Coldfoot Gates of the Arctic International Airport CXF PACF ArticJet (low cost) Coldfoot, Interior Region, Alaska
Tok Junction International Airport TKJ PATK ----- Tok, Interior Region, Alaska
Gordon International Airport PGO PAGO ----- Gordon, Coast Region, Alaska
Fort Yukon International Airport FYU PAFY Alaska Airways Fort Yukon, Interior Region, Alaska
Point Lay International Airport PIZ PAPI ----- Point Lay, Coast Region, Alaska
Umiat International Airport UMT PAUM ----- Umiat, Coast Region, Alaska
Point Hope International Airport PHO PAHO ArticJet (low cost) Point Hope, Coast Region, Alaska
Unalakleet Regional Airport UNK PAUN ArticJet (low cost) Unalakleet, Coast Region, Alaska
Tanana Ralph M. Calhoun Regional Airport TAL PATA ----- Tanana, Interior Region, Alaska
Delta Junction Regional Airport DJN PAJN ArticJet (low cost) Delta Junction, Interior Region, Alaska
Chicken Regional Airport CKX PACI ----- Chicken, Interior Region, Alaska
Grayling Regional Airport KGX PAGX Alaska Cargo Grayling, Coast Region, Alaska
Cantwell Regional Airport TTW PATW ----- Cantwell, Interior Region, Alaska
Dahl Creek Regional Airport DCK PACK ----- Kobuk, Coast Region, Alaska
Anaktuvuk Pass National Airport AKP PAAP ----- Anaktuvuk Pass, Coast Region, Alaska
Atqasuk Edward Burnell Sr. National Airport ATK PAAT ----- Atqasuk, Coast Region, Alaska
Arctic Village National Airport ARC PAAR ----- Arctic Village, Interior Region, Alaska
Military Airfield Name ICAO Located In Notes
Eielson Air Force Base PAES Eilson Air Force Base, Fairbanks Region, Alaska This military airbase is the hub for the Alaskan AirForce.
Fairbanks Military Base (Fairbanks-Fort Wainwright Int'l Airport) PAFW Fort Wainwright, Fairbanks Region, Alaska -----
Nome Airbase (Nome Int'l Airport) PAOM Nome, Coast Region, Alaska -----
Prudhoe Bay Airfield PAPB Prudhoe Bay, Coast Region, Alaska -----
Wevok Airbase PAWE Wevok, Coast Region, Alaska -----
Airline Name IATA Hubs Subsidiaries Alliance Fleet
Alaska Airways AL4 Fairbanks International Airport

Fairbanks - Fort Wainwright International Airport

Barrow Wiley Post - Will Rogers International Airport

Wales International Airport

Fort Yukon International Airport

Alaska Cargo SkyNorthAmerica n/a
Alaska Cargo AKA Fairbanks - Fort Wainwright International Airport

Wales International Airport

Grayling Regional Airport

----- ----- n/a
ArticJet (low cost) 1AJ Fairbanks International Airport

Prudhoe Bay - Deadhorse International Airport

Coldfoot Gates of the Arctic International Airport

Point Hope International Airport

Unalakleet Regional Airport

Delta Junction Regional Airport

----- LowCost America n/a
Bering Air 1BE Fairbanks - Fort Wainwright International Airport

Nome International Airport

----- ----- n/a

Alaska - Railways

  • High Speed Rail

In 2100, ALHSR trains provide service on the following lines:


Connected cities/stations


Travel Time Top Speed Type of trains
ALHSR Fairbanks - Anchorage Line Fairbanks - Fairbanks Int'l Airport - Nenana - Healy - Cantwell - Chase - South Alaska 356km 1:45 300 km/h n/a

Alaska - Major Projects

Name Year Notes
Fairbanks Treaty 2058 The Fairbanks Treaty was a treaty between Alaska and now South Alaska, which had just become independent, in September 30, 2058. This treaty established the name of the new country as South Alaska and defined a peace agreement between the two countries. It was also decided that these two countries would have open borders and the inhabitants could work in one and live in the other.
Port of Prudhoe Bay 2060 -----
Alaska Highway Plan 2066 -----
The Intercontinental Peace Bridge 2071 The Intercontinental Peace Bridge is a bridge built over the Bering Strait, connecting Wales, Alaska, to Uelen, Chukotka, across the Diomede Islands. The first bridge is 40km long and runs from Wales to Little Diomede Island, the second bridge is 4km long and runs the distance between the two Diomede Islands, Big Diomede and Little Diomede and the third bridge is 39km long and goes from Big Diomede Island to Uelen .
Alaska High Speed Rail (ALHSR) 2079 -----
New Port of Nome 2084 -----
'Top of the World Highway' Project 2092 The 'Top of the World Highway' was a project developed by a private construction company and the Alaskan Ministry of Tourism, which submitted the proposal to the local government, which in turn proposed a joint construction with the Yukoner government and the UAP (United Arctic Provinces) government.

The project consisted of developing a highway that runs from Barrow, Alaska to Repulse Bay, UAP, in other words, the objective was to build a motorway in which the entire route was above the Arctic Circle. And so it happened, although proposals for the road to end in Arviat, UAP; Rankin Inlet, UAP and Churchill, Manitoba were analyzed during the start of construction, but the highway had been extended to these three cities, part of the highway would be below the Arctic Circle, something that governments did not want due to the fact that the highway was designed to be a unique highway, because it would be the only highway in the world with its route all above the Arctic Circle.

Alaska - Highways

Autoestrada Designação Trajeto Extensão
A1 Autoestrada Trans-Alaska Alcan Border (Yukoner border) - Northway Junction - Tetlin Junction - A4 - Tok - A5 - Tanacross - Dot Lake - Dry Creek - Deltana - Delta Junction - Big Delta - Eielson Air Force Base - Moose Creek - North Pole - Fort Wainwright International Airport - A2 - Fairbanks - Fairbanks International Airport - A3 - A7 - Baker - Manley Hot Springs - Woodchopper - Tanana - Kallands - Birches - Ruby - Galena - Koyukuk - A6 - Koyuk - Council - A8 - Marys Igloo - Tin City - Gales - Little Diomede - The Intercontinental Peace Bridge (Chukotkan border) 1541 km
A2 Autoestrada Norte Prudhoe Bay - Prudhoe Bay International Airport - Sagriv (future city) - Katcan - A9 - Sagwon - Umisa Pass (future city) - Galbraith City (future city) - Wiseman - Coldfoot - Grayke (future city) - Riyuko (future city) - Livengood - Chastaka (future city) - Olnes - Fox - A7 - Fairbanks - A1 795 km
A3 Autoestrada Sul Chase (South Alaskan border) - Denali State Park - Cantwell - McKinley Park - Healy - Ferry - Clear - Nenana - Fairbanks International Airport - A1 378 km
A4 Autoestrada Este Little Gold (Yukoner border) - Jack Wade - Chicken - Waycross (future city) - Tetlin Junction (A1) 171 km
A5 Autoestrada Sudeste Gakona (South Alaskan border) - Chistochina - Slana - Mentasta Lake - Tok (A1) 193 km
A6 Autoestrada Sudoeste Grayling (South Alaskan border) - Kalchuk (future city) - Kaltag - Nulato - A1 274 km
A7 Autoestrada da Capital Fairbanks (A2) - Fairbanks - College - A1 9 km
A8 Autoestrada do Mar de Bering Nome - Flambeau City (future city) - Salmon Lake - Marys Igloo - A1 98 km
A9 Autoestrada "Top of the World" Barrow - Aqtasuk - Teshekpuk Lake (future city) - Alpine - Nuiqsut - A2 - Sag (future city) - Canning City (future city) - Arctic National Wildlife Refuge - Artwi (future city) - Gordon - Greenough City (future city) (Yukoner border) 772 km
Alaska Highways
Alaska Flag
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