Aegean - Details

  • Gentílico: Aegeano
  • Capital: İzmir
  • Cidade mais populosa: İzmir
  • Maiores cidades: İzmir, Denizli, Manisa, Aydın, Muğla, Afyonkarahisar, Bodrum
  • Língua oficial: Turco
  • Independência: da Turquia em 11 de Julho de 2044
  • Área: 92 138 km²
  • População: 27 819 247 hab.
  • Moeda: Euro (EUR)
  • Fuso horário: UTC+02 (EET)
  • Cód. ISO: AEG
  • Fronteiras: Mar Egeu, Mar Levantino, Mar Icário, Balike, Marmara, Eskisehir, Ankoman, Anburis
  • Subdivisões: 9 districts + 1 department
  • Organizações: ONU, FMI, OMC, OMT, OMS, UE, CDEL (Cooperação para o Desenvolvimento da Europa de Leste), OCI (Organização para a Cooperacão do Islamismo), Zona Euro, Acordo Schengen

Aegean - Subdivisions

Name Capital Area Population
İzmir Department İzmir 944 km² 5 373 151 hab.
Bergama District Bergama 11 029 km² 3 201 351 hab.
Aydın District Aydın 8 007 km² 3 347 746 hab.
Denizli District Denizli 12 321 km² 4 127 782 hab.
Muğla District Muğla 13 338 km² 4 033 142 hab.
Manisa District Manisa 13 810 km² 4 029 643 hab.
Afyonkarahisar District Afyonkarahisar 14 230 km² 1 480 514 hab.
Kütahya District Kütahya 11 875 km² 1 002 941 hab.
Uşak District Uşak 5 341 km² 1 013 318 hab.
Ege District Chios 1 682 km² 309 659 hab.

Aegean - Largest Cities

Rank Name Province Population
--- İzmir-Manisa Metropolitan Area ----- 9,134,502
--- Denizli Metropolitan Area ----- 3,535,783
--- Aydın Metropolitan Area ----- 2,347,359
--- Muğla Metropolitan Area ----- 1,833,142
--- Afyonkarahisar Metropolitan Area ----- 1,117,514
--- Bodrum Metropolitan Area ----- 1,012,331
1 İzmir İzmir Department 5,373,151
2 Denizli Denizli District 3,035,783
3 Manisa Manisa District 2,729,243
4 Aydın Aydın District 1,697,359
5 Muğla Muğla District 1,303,416
6 Afyonkarahisar Afyonkarahisar District 917,514
7 Bodrum Muğla District 786,401
8 Kütahya Kütahya District 647,668
9 Nazilli Aydın District 560,620
10 Akhisar Manisa District 551,004

Aegean - Airports & Airlines

Airport Name



Hub for

Located In
İzmir Adnan Menderes International Airport IAB BEAD

Aegean Airways

Aegean Express

Bafa_Airlines (low cost)

Caria Air


Gaziemir, İzmir Department, Aegean
İzmir - Çiğli International Airport IGL BEIZ

Aegean Airways

Aegean Air Cargo

İzmir Airlines

Çiğli, İzmir Department, Aegean
İzmir - Çeşme International Airport ICE BECS

İzmir Airlines



Alaçatı, Bergama District, Aegean
İzmir - Selçuk Regional Airport IBS BESE

Bafa_Airlines (low cost)


Caria Air

Selçuk, Bergama District, Aegean
İzmir Mustafa Toprak Civil Aerodrome IZM BEIM ----- İzmir, İzmir Department, Aegean
Denizli International Airport DXI BEDZ Aegean Express Aegean Air Cargo Denizli, Denizli District, Aegean
Denizli - Çardak International Airport DNZ BEDN Ryanair Çardak, Denizli District, Aegean
Bodrum - Milas International Airport BJV BEBV Aegean Airways Caria Air Milas, Muğla District, Aegean
Chios Island International Airport JKH BECH Icaria Chios, Ege District, Aegean
Dalaman International Airport DLM BEDA Bafa Airlines (low cost) Dalaman, Muğla District, Aegean
Kütahya Zafer International Airport KZR BEKZ Aegean Air Cargo Zafer, Kütahya District, Aegean
Afyonkarahisar International Airport AFY BEAF


Aegean Express

Afyonkarahisar, Afyonkarahisar District, Aegean
Aydın Çıldır International Airport CII BECI ----- Aydın, Aydın District, Aegean
Tavşanlı International Airport TSI BETS Ryanair Tavşanlı, Kütahya District, Aegean
Uşak International Airport USQ BEUS Bafa Airlines (low cost) İkisaray, Uşak District, Aegean
Samos Aristarchos International Airport SMI BESM Icaria Samos, Ege District, Aegean
Muğla Regional Airport MUG BEMU İzmir Airlines WizzAir Muğla, Muğla District, Aegean
Bergama Regional Airport XBM BEBM ----- Dagistan, Bergama District, Aegean
Demirci - Simav Regional Airport DMC BEDM ----- Hacıhüseyinefendi, Kütahya District, Aegean
Didim Regional Airport DID BEDI Aegean Express Didim, Aydın District, Aegean
Ikaria Regional Airport JIK BEIK ----- Ag. Kirikos, Ege District, Aegean
Alaşehir National Airport XLA BELA Aegean Express Alaşehir, Manisa District, Aegean
Akhisar National Airport AWY BEAK ----- Akhisar, Manisa District, Aegean
Datça National Airport DAA BEAA Bafa Airlines (low cost) Datça, Muğla District, Aegean
Military Airfield Name ICAO Located In Notes
Gaziemir Airbase (Adnan Menderes Int'l Airport) BEAD Gaziemir, İzmir Department, Aegean This military airbase is the hub for the Aegean AirForce.
Çesme Military Base (İzmir-Çeşme Int'l Airport) BECS Alaçatı, Bergama District, Aegean -----
Dalaman Military Base (Dalaman Int'l Airport) BEDA Dalaman, Muğla District, Aegean -----
Uşak Military Base (Uşak Int'l Airport) BEUS İkisaray, Uşak District, Aegean -----
Chios Military Base (Chios Int'l Airport) BECH Chios, Ege District, Aegean This airbase is used to monitor migrants in the Aegean area and to control illegal entry into the country through the Aegean Sea.
Simav Military Airport BESI Simav, Kütahya District, Aegean -----
Imsik Airbase BEIM Imsik, Muğla District, Aegean This airbase is located only 16km to Bodrum - Milas International Airport.
Turgutlu Airfield BETU Turgutlu, Manisa District, Aegean -----
Kütahya Military Airport BEKU Kütahya, Kütahya District, Aegean -----
Dinar Airfield BEDR Dinar, Afyonkarahisar District, Aegean -----
Nazilli Military Airport BENZ Nazilli, Aydın District, Aegean -----
Tavas Airbase BETV Tavas, Denizli District, Aegean -----
Manisa Airbase BEMA Manisa, Manisa District, Aegean -----
Emirdağ Airfield BEEM Emirdağ, Afyonkarahisar District, Aegean -----
Söke Airfield BESK Söke, Aydın District, Aegean -----
Airline Name IATA Hubs Subsidiaries Alliance Fleet
Aegean Airways AE1 İzmir Adnan Menderes International Airport

İzmir - Çiğli International Airport

Bodrum - Milas International Airport

Aegean Express

Aegean Air Cargo

İzmir Airlines

SkyEurope n/a
Aegean Air Cargo AEG İzmir - Çiğli International Airport

Denizli International Airport

Kütahya Zafer International Airport

----- World Cargo n/a
Aegean Express 1AE İzmir Adnan Menderes International Airport

Denizli International Airport

Afyonkarahisar International Airport

Didim Regional Airport

Alaşehir National Airport

----- ----- n/a
Bafa Airlines (low cost) 1BF İzmir Adnan Menderes International Airport

İzmir - Selçuk Regional Airport

Dalaman International Airport

Uşak International Airport

Datça National Airport

----- ----- n/a
Caria Air 1CA İzmir Adnan Menderes International Airport

İzmir - Selçuk Regional Airport

Bodrum - Milas International Airport

----- Touristic Alliance n/a
İzmir Airlines 1IZ İzmir - Çiğli International Airport

İzmir - Çeşme International Airport

Muğla Regional Airport

----- ----- n/a
Icaria 1IC İzmir Adnan Menderes International Airport

Chios Island International Airport

Samos Aristarchos International Airport

----- ----- n/a

Aegean - Railways

  • High Speed Rail

In 2100, AHT trains provide service on the following lines:


Connected cities/stations


Travel Time Top Speed Type of trains
68km 0:20 250 km/h n/a
191km 0:54 300 km/h n/a
288km 1:22 300 to 350 km/h n/a
270km 1:16 300 to 350 km/h n/a
91km 0:26 300 km/h n/a
77km 0:20 350 km/h n/a
113km 0:32 350 km/h n/a

In 2100, (Comboios Low-Cost em regiões turisticas/big cities) trains provide service on the following lines:

Line Connected cities/stations


Travel Time

Top Speed

Type of trains


Aegean - Major Projects

Name Year Notes
İzmir Bridge (Still as part of Turkey) 2027 The bridge is about 3.8 km long and was built to provide quick access between the two sides of the city of İzmir, that previously the distance between these two places took about 15 minutes and a distance of 13.5 km, and now takes about 7 minutes, being only 2 minutes during the crossing of the bridge, and a distance of 7.8km. The bridge began to be built in October 2024 and was opened to traffic on 6 June 2027, on a warm Sunday with the presence of the President and Prime Minister of Turkey, who were the first to cross the bridge.
Spil Dağı Resort Village (Still as part of Turkey) 2035 This tourist village was designed to accommodate tourists who came to develop an interest in this snow destination in Turkey, due to several things, but mainly to the fact that it is distinguished as the best snow destination in Eastern Europe and the main companies airlines, as well as low-cost airlines have started to introduce İzmir in their routes, with direct flights from London, Frankfurt, Paris, Zurich, Dublin and many other cities. The resort village will have around 10 hotels / resorts and 3 ski resorts, and is located in Spil Dağı National Park, about 1 hour from İzmir. The resort village usually has the highest occupancy in December and January, where all hotels are fully booked and the mountain is snowy all winter.
Denizli New University (Still as part of Turkey) 2039 -----
Independence Day 2044 Independence Day, celebrated on the 11th of July, is the most celebrated day in the country because it was on the 11th of July 2044 that the country achieved its independence, something that it wanted for several years. On that day, the country finally declared independence from Turkey and at the moment it was released in the media, the (now) country stopped and millions of people quit their jobs and went out into the street to celebrate this achievement. Every year on this date, millions of people take to the streets to celebrate the country's independence and patriotism, placing the national flag on balconies, gardens, buildings, etc. and launching fireworks. That day is a national holiday in the country and it is only on the 11th of July that public establishments are open for 24 hours.

On that day the government decided to start building several monuments in the country to celebrate independence, 3 of them in the capital.

Turkish Separatist War 2048 The Turkish Separatist War was a war caused by several separatist groups and parties that were growing due to the population's discontent with the political regime in the country, which had lived in a very rigid dictatorship since 2042, when the dictator was elected. He ordered a number of things that limited the power of the country's autonomous regions, established in 2028, which led to population revolt and the creation of separatist groups in all regions. On 11 July 2044, the Aegean Autonomous Region declared independence, and the following day, Turkey declared war on the Aegean. This war lasted about 6 months and the Aegean won with the help of NATO, the UN and the EU. After the victory, the country decided to support all separatist movements in turkey, with weapons and military, until the 29th of June 2049, where all unite and declare independence, killing the Turkish dictator and Turkey ceases to exist.
Çesme Village Plan 2049 This neighborhood was designed to become a holiday home region, primarily designed for retired tourists from Europe and Middle East. The neighborhood has several high-wealth and high-luxury villas, with large and modern mansions overlooking the Aegean Sea, specifically the Chios Strait. This project was very successful and in 2100, 92% of the houses built were occupied by retired and rich people.
New Port of İzmir 2051 The 'New Port of İzmir' was designed to replace the old port of the city, overloaded for several years. In this project, the architects took into account the growth of the city, so it was decided that the new port would be in the Altıevler area, about 15km from İzmir, next to the later built İzmir 11 July Bridge. Currently it can receive all types of ships and has the capacity to accommodate 7 cruise ships at the same time.
İzmir New Stadium 2054 This stadium was built in the area of the old İzmir Port, since it was demolished due to the lack of space for expansion, which led to the construction of the port in a new location. The stadium has a capacity of 60,000 people and was paid entirely by the football club "Red Bull İzmir" created in 2031. It was the main stadium for UEFA Euro 2056 hosting the final of that championship.
Denizli Deliktaş Stadium 2054
Aydın Adnan Menderes Stadium 2054 construído sobre o antigo
Manisa Arena 2055 construído sobre o antigo (Manisa 19 May Stadium)
Bodrum Bitez Stadium 2055
Afyon Arena 2055 construído ao lado do antigo, que ficou para a Equipa B
Kütahya Dumlupinar Stadium 2055 construído sobre o antigo
Spor Toto Akhisar Stadium 2055
Muğla Bülent Akça Stadium 2055 construído sobre o antigo
Uşak One September Stadium 2055
UEFA Euro 2056 2056 The 2056 UEFA European Football Championship, commonly referred to as UEFA Euro 2056 or simply Euro 2056, was the 25th European Championship for men's national football teams organised by UEFA. The final tournament, held between 16 June and 16 July 2056, was hosted by Aegean, and was won by Catalonia, who beat Marmara 5-3 in the final at the National Stadium, in İzmir, Aegean

The opening ceremony for this edition was held at the New Fadil Vokrri Stadium, in Pristina, Kosovo and built for the UEFA Euro 2064, replacing the old stadium with the same name. This stadium has a capacity of 40,000 people and at the opening ceremony it was completely full. The tournament semi-final was held at New Gjilan City Stadium in Gjilan, Kosovo, with a capacity for 30,000 people and also built to replace the old stadium with the same name. In total 12 stadiums were built and remodeled to host this tournament.

İzmir İzmir İzmir Denizli
National Stadium İzmir New Stadium İzmir Atatürk Stadium Denizli Deliktaş Stadium
Capacity: 70,000 Capacity: 60,000 Capacity: 55,000 Capacity: 55,000


Manisa Bodrum


Aydın Adnan Menderes Stadium Manisa Arena Bodrum Bitez Stadium Afyon Arena
Capacity: 47,500 Capacity: 45,000 Capacity: 45,000 Capacity: 40,000
Kütahya Akhisar Muğla Uşak
Dumlupinar Stadium Spor Toto Akhisar Stadium Muğla Bülent Akça Stadium Uşak One September Stadium
Capacity: 39,000 Capacity: 37,000 Capacity: 35,000 Capacity: 30,000
Conquista das ilhas gregas no Egeu
İzmir 11 July Bridge 6,40 km
Gulf of İzmir Bridge 21,53 km
Bodrum - Datça Bridge 26,40 km
Aegean High Speed Rail a ferrovia de alta velocidade foi construida na altura do Euro2056 para conectar os estadios e as cidades rapidamente.
Aegean Antartica Base
Menteş Penninsula Project construir um bairro enorme turistico de hoteis e casas de férias para turistas estrangeiros, principalmente reformados, devido aos baixos impostos
Kuşadası Cruise Port
Centro de treino militar
Izmir Mall dos maiores do mundo
Private High-Speed Rail Network
Balçova Tourist City tipo Benidorm
Plano de integração dos Migrantes do Norte de África
İzmir Public Airports Integration Plan integração dos 3 aeroportos internacionais e do aeroporto regional da capital aegeana, conectando-os rapidamente uns aos outros de uma forma rápida
İzmir - Çiğli International Airport
Fethiye - Gocek - Oludeniz Tourism Development Plan
New Bodrum Port novo porto de cargas e capacidade para 5 cruzeiros ao mesmo tempo estacionados
UEFA Euro 2056 construção e remodelação de varios estadios (entre 7 e 15 estadios) (portugal construiu e renovou 10)

a ferrovia de alta velocidade foi construida nesta altura para conectar os estadios e as cidades rapidamente

TOGG Menemen Car Plant
Outra fábrica de carros
Arranha-céu 40
Aegean Sea Cruise Plan
Denizli International Airport
Universidade Manisa
Universidade Bodrum
Estação central de Izmir (comboio alta velocid.)
İzmir Mustafa Toprak Civil Aerodrome
Afyonkarahisar International Airport
İzmir - Çeşme International Airport
Çandarli Port 50!

Aegean - Highways

Autoestrada Designação Trajeto Extensão
A1 Autoestrada İzmir - Bahçeli İzmir (A11 / A15) - 9 Eylül - A8 - Menemen (East) - Köyiçi - A18 - Haykıran - Yanıkköy - A24 - Hatundere - Mimar Sinan - A23 - A22 - Aliağa - A21 - Yenişakran - Örlemiş - Zeytindag - A18 - A16 - Tepeköy - Kabakum - Salihler - Bahçeli (Balikean border) 117 km
A2 Autoestrada İzmir - Turgutlu İzmir (A4 / A9) - Çiçekli - Manisa (West) - A-- - Manisa (North) - A-- - Manisa (East) - Aşağıçobanisa - A-- - Turgutlu (A3) 58 km
A3 Autoestrada İzmir - Yağcılı İzmir (A11 / A12) - İzmir (Northeast) - A4 - İstiklal - Akalan - Sancaklıbozköy - A2 - Sinirli - Gümülceli - Koldere - Nuriye - A-- - A-- - Tirkeş - Erdelli - Zeytinliova - A-- - Çobanhasan - A-- - Kırkağaç - Yırca - Soma - Sevişler - Yağcılı (Balikean border) 142 km
A4 Autoestrada İzmir - Afyon İzmir (A2 / A9) - Doğanlar - A3 - Kavaklıdere - A-- - Örnekköy - A2 - Turgutlu - Derbent - Gökkaya - Ahmetli - Mersindere - Sahili - A-- - Karaoğlanlı - A-- - A-- - Durasıllı - Kula - Güre - A-- - Uşak Üniversitesi - Uşak (West) - Uşak (North) - A-- - Uşak Int'l Airport - Bozkuş - Banaz - Büyükoturak - A-- - Çalışlar - Düzağaç - Balmahmut - A-- - A-- - Afyonkarahisar (West) - Afyonkarahisar (A--) 310 km
A5 Autoestrada İzmir - Çukurincir İzmir (A12 / A10) - Zafer - A6 - Bulgurca - Özbey - A29 - Torbalı - A-- - A-- - Belevi - Halkapinar - Selatin - Abdurrahmanlar - A-- - Hidirbeyli - İncirliova - A4 - Aydin - A-- - Çakırbeyli - Savrandere - Altinova - Cumali - Çine - Kuruköy - A-- - Yatağan - Bozarmut - Bayir - Akçaova Köyü - Muğla - Muğla Regional Airport - A-- - Kötekli - Gülağzı - Gökova - A-- - Kızılyaka - Toparlar - Köyceğiz - Beyobası Köyü - A-- - Dalaman - Göcek - Inlice - Yanıklar - Fethiye - Zorlar - A-- - Kadıköy - Gölbent - Çukurincir (Anburian border) 371 km
A6 Autoestrada İzmir - Aydin İzmir (A9 / A10) - Gaziemir - İzmir Adnan Menderes Int'l Airport - A-- - Kısık - A5 - Mustafa Kemal Paşa - 29 Ekim Mahallesi - A-- - A-- - Torbalı - Pamukyazı - A-- - Tulum - A5 - Belevi - Selçuk - A-- - Acarlar - Çamlık - Naipli - Ortaklar - A-- - Kızılcapınar - A-- - Germencik - İncirliova - Aydin (West) - A5 - Aydın Çıldır Int'l Airport - Aydin (East) - Kocagür (A--) 127 km
A7 Autoestrada İzmir - Çeşme İzmir (A19 / A10) - Sahilevleri - Narlıbahçe - Maltepe - A-- - A-- - Şirinkent - A25 - Urla - Kuşçular - A26 - Zeytinler - A-- - Uzunkuyu - Zeytineli - A28 - A27 - Alaçatı - Ovacık - Musalla - Çeşme 73 km
A8 Autoestrada İzmir - Zeytindag İzmir (A14 / A13) - Karşıyaka - A11 - İzmir (Northwest) - 9 Eylül - Ulucak - A1 - Menemen (South) - Menemen (North) - A18 - A-- - Buruncuk - A24 - A-- - Fatih - A23 - A-- - Şehitkemal - A22 - Aliağa (South) - Aliağa (North) - A21 - Çaltılıdere - Yenişakran - Zeytindag (A--) 70 km
A9 Autoestrada İzmir - Beyazevler İzmir (A2 / A4) - Bornova - A11 - İzmir (North) - A14 - Konak - Güney - A13 - Buca - İzmir (South) - Beyazevler (A10 / A6) 18 km
A10 Autoestrada İzmir - Sahilevleri İzmir (A12 / A5) - Zafer - Buca - İzmir (Southeast) - A9 - A6 - Uzundere - İzmir (Southwest) - Balçova - İzmir (West) - Teleferik - Sahilevleri (A-- / A7) 23 km
A11 Autoestrada İzmir - Çiğli İzmir (A3 / A12) - Karacaoğlan - A4 - Bornova - İzmir (North) - Bayraklı - A8 - Ataşehir - Çiğli (A1 / A15) 21 km
A12 Autoestrada İzmir - Zafer İzmir (A11 / A3) - Egemenlik - İzmir (East) - Gökdere - Zafer (A5 / A10) 9,3 km
A13 Autoestrada İzmir Bridge İzmir (A9) - Konak - İzmir (Center) - İzmir (North) - Karşıyaka (A14 / A8) 7,8 km
A14 Autoestrada İzmir - Karşıyaka İzmir (A9) - Çınarlı - İzmir (Northeast) - Bayraklı - Karşıyaka (A13 / A8) 7,1 km
A15 Autoestrada İzmir - Tuzla İzmir (A1 / A11) - Çiğli - İzmir-Çiğli Int'l Airport - Kaklıç - A19 - Tuzla 6,9 km
A16 Autoestrada A16 Tepeköy (A1) - Bergama (West) - Bergama Regional Airport - Bergama (East) - Yayakent - Kınık - Cenkyeri - Turgutalp - Soma (North) - Soma (East) - Sarıkaya - Kırkağaç - A3 - Selvili - Çobanhasan - Süleymanlı - A-- - Medar (A20) 85 km
A17 Autoestrada de Çandarli Zeytindag (A1) - Tekkedere - Çandarli Port - Çandarli 11 km
A18 Autoestrada Menemen - Manisa Menemen (A--) - Menemen (East) - A1 - Köyiçi - Alaniçi - Akgedik - Muradiye - Manisa (A2) 32 km
A19 Autoestrada İzmir 11 July Bridge Kaklıç (A15) - Sahilevleri - Narlıbahçe (A10 / A7) 12 km
A20 Autoestrada Manisa - Kocaiskan Manisa (A2) - Veziroğlu - Selimşahlar - Saruhanlı - Hacırahmanlı - İshakçelebi - A3 - Nuriye - Kemiklidere - Kayışlar - Kayalıoğlu - A-- - Akhisar (West) - A-- - Akhisar (North) - Medar - A16 - Dingiller - Karakurt - Gelembe - Kocaiskan (Balikean border) 99 km
A21 Autoestrada A21 A1 - Yalı - Aliağa (North) (A8) 3,8 km
A22 Autoestrada A22 A1 - Aliağa (South) (A8) 2,5 km
A23 Autoestrada A23 A1 - Şehitkemal (A8 / A--) 1,4 km
A24 Autoestrada A24 Hatundere (A1) - Fatih (A8 / A--) 2,8 km
A25 Autoestrada A25 A7 - Urla (East) - Atatürk (A--) 2,7 km
A26 Autoestrada A26 A7 - İçmeler (A--) 1,5 km
A27 Autoestrada A27 A7 - Alaçatı (North) (A--) 2,3 km
A28 Autoestrada A28 A7 - İzmir-Çeşme Int'l Airport 3,1 km
A29 Autoestrada A29 Özbey (A5) - A6 3,5 km
A30 Autoestrada km
A31 Autoestrada km
A32 Autoestrada km
A33 Autoestrada km
A34 Autoestrada km
A35 Autoestrada km
A36 Autoestrada km
A37 Autoestrada km
A38 Autoestrada km
A39 Autoestrada km
A40 Autoestrada km
A41 Autoestrada km
A42 Autoestrada km
A43 Autoestrada km
A44 Autoestrada km
A45 Autoestrada km
A46 Autoestrada km
A47 Autoestrada km
A48 Autoestrada km
A49 Autoestrada km
A50 Autoestrada Circunvalação de Afyon km
A51 Autoestrada km
A52 Autoestrada km
A53 Autoestrada km
A54 Autoestrada km
A55 Autoestrada km
A56 Autoestrada km
A57 Autoestrada km
A58 Autoestrada km
A59 Autoestrada km
A60 Autoestrada km
A61 Autoestrada km
A62 Autoestrada km
A63 Autoestrada km
A64 Autoestrada km
A65 Autoestrada km
A66 Autoestrada de Chios Omiroupoli - Chios - Chios (South) - Chios Island Int'l Airport 9,3 km
A67 Autoestrada de Samos Samos - Vathi - Mesokampos - Pythagorio - Samos Aristarchos Int'l Airport 11 km
Aegean Highways-1
Aegean Flag
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