Aceh - Details

  • Gentílico: Achén
  • Capital: Banda Aceh
  • Cidade mais populosa: Banda Aceh
  • Maiores cidades: Banda Aceh, Lhokseumawe City, Langsa, Calang, Blang Pidie, Sigli, Meulaboh
  • Língua oficial: Achém e Indonésio
  • Independência: da Indonésia em 27 de Dezembro de 2026
  • Área: 58 376 km²
  • População: 14 087 814 hab.
  • Moeda: Acehnese Rupiah (ACH)
  • Fuso horário: UTC+06 (BBT) (Bay of Bengal Time)
  • Cód. ISO: ACE
  • Fronteiras: Sumatra do Norte, Estreito de Malaca, Mar de Andamão e Oceano Índico
  • Subdivisões: 9 provinces
  • Organizações: ONU, FMI, OMC, OMT, OMS, ASEAN, SEATO, APEC, Bangkok Treaty (espécie de Espaço Schengen)

Aceh - Subdivisions

Name Capital Area Population
North Aceh Calang 10 882 km² 2 212 607 hab.
South Aceh Subulussalam City 11 344 km² 1 084 259 hab.
East Aceh Langsa 11 841 km² 2 486 717 hab
West Aceh Blang Pidie 13 501 km² 1 613 774 hab.
Central Aceh Bireuen 7 873 km² 1 059 521 hab.
Sabang Sabang 173 km² 59 333 hab.
Simeulue Sinabang 2 456 km² 99 171 hab.
Banda Aceh Banda Aceh 124 km² 3 268 148 hab.
Lhokseumawe Lhokseumawe City 181 km² 2 204 284 hab.

Aceh - Largest Cities

Rank Name Province Population
--- Banda Aceh Metropolitan Area ----- 5,013,569
--- Lhokseumawe City Metropolitan Area ----- 2,601,631
--- Langsa Metropolitan Area ----- 1,862,143
--- Calang Metropolitan Area ----- 1,117,424
1 Banda Aceh Banda Aceh 3,268,148
2 Lhokseumawe City Lhokseumawe 2,204,284
3 Langsa East Aceh 1,656,809
4 Calang North Aceh 992,893
5 Blang Pidie West Aceh 697,850
6 Sigli North Aceh 542,565
7 Meulaboh West Aceh 473,558
8 Bireuen Central Aceh 441,604
9 Subulussalam City South Aceh 279,991
10 Takengon Central Aceh 192,597

Aceh - Airports & Airlines

Airport Name



Hub for

Located In
Banda Aceh International Airport BTJ WDBA

Aceh Airlines

Tiger Air (low cost)

Kuta Baro, Banda Aceh, Aceh
Banda Aceh - Bulohan Bay International Airport BUL WDBU

Aceh Airlines

Aceh Cargo

Bulohan, Banda Aceh, Aceh
Banda Aceh Civil Aerodrome ----- WDBN ----- Banda Aceh, Banda Aceh, Aceh
Lhokseumawe City Malikus Saleh Regional Airport LSW WDLH

ARA (Aceh Regional Airways)

Aceh Cargo

Krueng Geukuh, Lhokseumawe, Aceh
Lhokseumawe City International Airport LHO WDLS

Tiger Air (low cost)

Aceh Airlines

Muara Satu, Lhokseumawe, Aceh
Langsa International Airport LNG WDLG ----- Langsa, East Aceh, Aceh
Blang Pidie - Manggeng International Airport BLG WDBP ARA (Aceh Regional Airways) Blang Pidie, West Aceh, Aceh
Sabang Maimun Saleh Regional Airport SBG WDSG Sabang Air Sabang, Sabang, Aceh
Calang Regional Airport CLG WDCG ----- Calang, North Aceh, Aceh
Takengon Regional Airport TXE WDTK ----- Takengon, Central Aceh, Aceh
Subulussalam City National Airport WSB WDSU ----- Subulussalam, South Aceh, Aceh
Sinabang National Airport WSI WDSI ----- Sinabang, Simelue, Aceh
Military Airfield Name ICAO Located In Notes
Banda Aceh Military Base (Banda Aceh Int'l Airport) WDBA Kuta Baro, Banda Aceh, Aceh This military airbase is hub for the Acehnese AirForce.
Takengon Airbase WDTK Takengon, Central Aceh, Aceh -----
Bireuen Military Airport WDBI Bireuen, Central Aceh, Aceh -----
Airline Name IATA Hubs Subsidiaries Alliance Fleet
Aceh Airlines AC1 Banda Aceh International Airport

Banda Aceh - Bulohan Bay International Airport

Lhokseumawe City International Airport

Aceh Cargo SkyAsia n/a
Aceh Cargo ACE Banda Aceh - Bulohan Bay International Airport

Lhokseumawe City Malikus Saleh International Airport

----- World Cargo n/a
ARA (Aceh Regional Airways) 2AR Lhokseumawe City Malikus Saleh International Airport

Blang Pidie - Manggeng International Airport

----- ----- n/a
Tiger Air (low cost) 1TI Banda Aceh International Airport

Lhokseumawe City International Airport

----- LowCost Asia n/a
Sabang Air 1SA Sabang Maimun Saleh National Airport ----- ----- n/a

Aceh - Railways

  • High Speed Rail

In 2100, KCA trains provide service on the following lines:


Connected cities/stations


Travel Time Top Speed Type of trains
KCA North Banda Aceh - Sigli - Bireuen - Lhokseumawe City - Lhoksukon - Langsa - North Sumatra 488km 2:11 350 km/h n/a
KCA Airport Banda Aceh - Banda Aceh-Bulohan Int'l Airport 17km 0:05 250 km/h n/a
KCA South Banda Aceh - Under Construction ---km ----- 250 to 350 km/h n/a

Aceh - Major Projects

Name Year Notes
Aceh Highway Plan 2038 A project to build a set of highways in the country to better connect the different regions and cities, and with a secondary objective of helping tourists to easily reach the beautiful places away from the big cities, either by car or by bus tours.
TravelAceh2040 2040 "TravelAceh2040" was an advertising campaign carried out by the country's government to promote tourism in Aceh, be it rural, beach, mountainous or city, and to promote the safety, modernity and simplicity of the country's airports. The airport capacity in the country was recently expanded with the construction of new airports and the renovation of others.
Aceh High Speed Rail (KCA) 2040 -----
Banda Aceh - Bulohan Bay International Airport 2052 This international airport is located on an artificial island in the middle of Bulohan Bay, 22 km northeast of downtown Banda Aceh. It was a project idealized on an artificial island due to the fact of the rapid growth of the city and the noise that an international airport would make in the heart of the city. It was designed to become the main airport of the Acehnese Capital, thus relieving the old main airport, located in the middle of the city, having caused numerous protests near the terminal.
R5 Highway Project 2063 A highway project to connect two isolated regions in the country, through tunnels and viaducts with many stopping / sleeping areas.
Banda Aceh - Sabang Bridge 2077 This bridge was planned to connect the city of Banda Aceh with the island of Pulau We, more specifically the city of Sabang. The bridge is 19.5 km long and is licensed by the B.A. Highway Concession. It was inaugurated on February 3, 2080, with a visit from the President to the beautiful island of Pulau We through the new bridge.
Lhokseumawe City Metro 2081 A project to build a metro system in Lhokseumawe City with different lines and with a plan for future expansions.
Meulaboh New Hospital 2096 -----

Aceh - Highways

Autoestrada Designação Trajeto Extensão
R1 Autoestrada Norte Seumadam (Sumatrian border) - Karang Baru - Langsa - Peureulak - Idirayeuk - Lhoksukon - Lhokseumawe City - Bireuen - Sigli - Banda Aceh 485 km
R2 Autoestrada Sul Marbun (future city) (Sumatrian border) - Kotafajar - Tapak Tuan - Labuhanhaji - Manggeng - Manggeng Int'l Airport- Blang Pidie - Babah Rot - Meulaboh - Calang - Lho-nga - Banda Aceh 602 km
R3 Autoestrada Interior Norte Bireuen (R1) - Lampahan - Takengon - R5 -Blangkejeren - Kutacane (Sumatrian border) 368 km
R4 Autoestrada Interior Sul Sigli (R1) - Tangse - Mane - Sungai Mas - Tutut - R5 - Meulaboh (R2) 212 km
R5 Autoestrada Interior R3 - Atu Lintang - Jagong Jeget - Pantai Ceureumen - Tutut (R4) 344 km
R6 Autoestrada de Sabang R8 - Kajhu - Beurawang - Cot Abeuk - Sabang 35 km
R7 (old R11) Autoestrada de Sinabang Sinabang - Batu Ralang - Sinabang National Airport 21 km
R8 (old R12) Circunvalação de Banda Aceh Lampisang - Oleelheue - Banda Aceh - Banda Aceh Int'l Airport - R9 - Lampuk 24 km
R9 (old R13) Via Rápida do Aeroporto R8 - Darussalam - Ladong - Banda Aceh-Bulohan Int'l Airport 15 km
Aceh Highways-1
Aceh Flag
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