Abkhazia - Details

  • Gentílico: Abecásio
  • Capital: Sukhumi
  • Cidade mais populosa: Sukhumi
  • Maiores cidades: Sukhumi, Gagra, Gali, Gudauta, Ochamchire, New Athos, Gulripshi
  • Língua oficial: Abecásio e Russo
  • Independência: da Geórgia em 12 de Outubro de 1999
  • Área: 8 660 km²
  • População: 1 016 872 hab.
  • Moeda: Apsar (APS)
  • Fuso horário: UTC+03 (MSK)
  • Cód. ISO: ABK
  • Fronteiras: Geórgia, Abazinia, Ichkeria e Mar Negro
  • Subdivisões: 7 raions (distritos)
  • Organizações: ONU, FMI, OMC, OMT, OMS, UE, OPC (Organização dos Países do Cáucaso), Espaço Schengen

Abkhazia - Subdivisions

Name Capital Area Population
Gagra Gagra 772 km² 209 390 hab.
Gudauta Gudauta 1 640 km² 130 775 hab.
Sukhumi Sukhumi 1 523 km² 245 439 hab.
Gulripsh Gulripshi 1 835 km² 113 032 hab.
Ochamchira Ochamchire 1 808 km² 99 868 hab.
Tkvarcheli Tkvarcheli 544 km² 90 012 hab.
Gali Gali 518 km² 128 356 hab.

Abkhazia - Largest Cities

Rank Name Province Population
1 Sukhumi Sukhumi 221,042
2 Gagra Gagra 156,636
3 Gali Gali 127,605
4 Gudauta Gudauta 80,514
5 Ochamchire Ochamchira 73,708
6 New Athos Gudauta 37,518
7 Gulripshi Gulripsh 35,910
8 Tkvarcheli Tkvarcheli 34,013
9 Pitsunda Gagra 25,792
10 Leselidze Gagra 17,844

Abkhazia - Airports & Airlines

Airport Name



Hub for

Located In
Sukhumi - Babushara International Airport SUI BBSS

Abkhazia Airways

ABK Cargo

Babushara, Sukhumi District, Abkhazia
Sukhumi Civil Aerodrome ----- BBUK ----- Sukhumi, Sukhumi District, Abkhazia
Gagra - Zhiuli Shartava International Airport GZS BBGA


Gagra, Gagra District, Abkhazia
Military Airfield Name ICAO Located In Notes
Bombora Military Airport BBBO Bombora, Gudauta District, Abkhazia This military airbase is hub for the Abkhazian AirForce.
Kadari Airbase BBKD Kadari, Gulripshi District, Abkhazia -----
Pskhu Military Airport BBPK Pskhu, Sukhumi District, Abkhazia This airfield was built in the middle of the mountains.
Airline Name IATA Hubs Subsidiaries Alliance Fleet
Abkhazia Airways AB2 Sukhumi - Babushara International Airport ABK Cargo SkyEurope n/a
ABK Cargo ABK Sukhumi - Babushara International Airport ----- World Cargo n/a

Abkhazia - Railways

  • High Speed Rail

In 2100, VLA trains provide service on the following lines:


Connected cities/stations


Travel Time Top Speed Type of trains
VLA North Coast Sukhumi - New Athos - Gudauta - Gagra - Leselidze - Abazinia 105km 0:31 300 km/h n/a
VLA South Sukhumi - Gulripshi - Sukhumi Int'l Airport - Ochamchire - Gali - Georgia 91km 0:27 300 km/h n/a

Abkhazia - Major Projects

Name Year Notes
Eurovision 2039 - Sukhumi 2039 The Eurovision Song Contest was held in Sukhumi in 2039, because the previous year's winning song was by an Abkhazian singer. Abkhazia only participated in the festival for the first time in 2030, when the European Union finally recognized the country's independence.
North Highway Project 2045 An ambitious project to build a highway through the Caucasus Mountains with 2 large tunnels and several viaducts. This project was financed largely with the help of the EU, which the country entered in 2034. It was also designed to help the economy, making it very easy for trucks to pass through the region.
  • Kadari Tunnel: the biggest tunnel in this project with 16 km., connecting the town of Jampali to Kadari crossing the Caucasus.
  • Budzguri Tunnel: the second longest tunnel in the country with 7 km., following a stretch of the Chkhalta River.
Improvement of the S1 road 2057 A project to requalify the S1 road into a highway (A1), making it a fast connection between the biggest cities in the country.
Sukhumi National Stadium 2062 -----
Abkhazia High Speed Railway (VLA) 2068 The State Railways of Abkhazia (GZDA) started building high-speed rail lines in 2068. GZDA has branded its high-speed service as Высокоскоростные линии Абхазии (VLA) which currently operates on two lines: the Sukhumi-Gagra-Abazinia high-speed railway and the Sukhumi-Gali-Georgia high-speed railway. The AVZ is the only high-speed rail service in Abkhazia, with trains operating at speeds of up to 230 km/h or 300 km/h.
Black Sea Cruise Plan 2074 A plan to bring the biggest and most modern cruise ships to the Black Sea region, with cruises taking place between the more than 15 countries on the Black Sea and Sea of Azov coast. It was a plan created by all the countries on the coast of these two seas, together with the European Union and the United Nations - World Tourism Organization. It was conceived, debated and presented together with the Levantine Sea Cruise Plan, a "twin" plan that consists of the same.
Gagra International Airport 2081 Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, this international airport was built to facilitate the arrival of tourists to this city, known for its beautiful beaches and luxurious hotels. The estimated cost for the project is € 3.5 billion, financed largely with funds from the European Union and the local government.
Sochi - Sukhumi - Tbilisi Pipeline 2093 -----

Abkhazia - Highways

Autoestrada Designação Trajeto Extensão
A1 Autoestrada Central Leselidze (Abazinian border) - Gagra - Gudauta - Nova Athos - Shroma - Sukhumi - Gulripshi - Dranda - Ochamchire - Gali - Otsartse (Georgian border) 198 km
A2 Autoestrada Norte A1 - Merkheuli - Marani - Khajimba (future city) - Khurd (future city) - Vladzimba (future city) - Zvia (future city) (Ichkerian border) 81 km
A3 Autoestrada da Capital A1 - Sukhumi - Baratashvili - A1 13 km
A4 Autoestrada Regional Pirveli Baghaz. Sukhumi-Babushara Int'l Airport 6 km
A5 Autoestrada "Bichvinta" Ipnari - Inkiti - Pitsunda 10 km
Abkhazia Highways-2
Abkhazia Flag
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